About Elysium Skateboards 

 Who The Heck Are We!?

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Elysium Skateboards was founded in 2020. The owner, Tyler Ewing grew up skateboarding in Strathroy, Ontario (Strath Vegas) with a dream of making his own skateboard company.

All of our t-Shirts and sweaters are handmade one by one with love! We're still a very small business, a lot of things are on the way like skateboards, hats and much more! If you have any comments or suggestions simply just send us an email and let us know what is going on inside that brain of yours! As of right now find us on facebook (@ElysiumSkateboards) and on Instagram (@Elysium.Skateboards) send us a dm to make an order! Our website will be able to accept online payments very soon!


Our goal is to improve the skateboarding community and support local skaters! We're looking to sponsor skaters, send us some clips or link us to your instagram if you're interested in some free product! We would like to thank everyone for their support, If you'd like to see our products in your local shop let them know! Don't forget to support your local!